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If you’re updating and making changes to your WordPress site, or any other site for that matter, there’s nothing more important than making  regular and complete backups in order to save all the painstaking effort you put into your business,  you should be backing up before you even think about making a single change anywhere, you should be backing up everything!

Creating  a backup may seem like a no brainer to some, but you would be surprised as to the number of website users, many of them seasoned veterans who simply don’t practice proper backup techniques.  Are you in the habit  of making a backup before you add any plugin no matter how lightweight to your WordPress installation?  If the answer is no then you fall into that woeful category of users not practicing routine and complete backups.

So why are backups and the issues related to creating a proper back up still a major thorn in the side of WordPress users?  One probable reason could be that backups can be at times cumbersome, and become even more so if updates are constantly being made to a WordPress site such as updating plugins, adding plugins, or adding custom code in the backend to say a function.php file.  That’s why I’m  excited to share the seemless, integrated and automated backup features offered byWPEngine hosting that comes standard with every hosting package.  WPEngine is by far our favorite shared hosting provider, we use it to run out business and recommend all our clients who utilize WordPress do the same.

Ease your mind, backups are always on time

With their daily snapshots you’re site’s data is guaranteed to be saved in it’s entirety up to 30 days. if you ever need to come back to a previous point due to any number of reasons.  Restoring is a breeze, simply one click and Poof your site is back to where it was, a notification email will alert you when complete.

Need to make a manual backup?  It’s also just one click away, click backup, give it a descriptive name even, just to keep things o a bit more organized, an example of what you could name your backup could be something like “backup before testing new custom function”,  set the notification email and sit back and wait for the alert.

wpengine backup notifications

What if you happen to make a mistake and restore to a backup point you didn’t mean to?  I recently did this by restoring  the wrong install.  I couldn’t believe it and I started to panic, but  WPEngine had me covered, before a restore is processed, the WPEngine backup takes a snapshot of your site at it’s current state.  A lifesaver if you ever happen to make the mistake of restoring when you did not intend to.

wpengine pre-restoration image

WPEngine even has a handy prompt whenever installing a new plugin that ask you if you backed up before the installation, if you didn’t you can simply click and have a backup created right away without having to navigatge out of your WordPress backend.

wpengine prompt

With all of these features, WPEngine keeps our peace of mind at an all time high.  Gone are the days of cumbersome manual backups, or clumsy backup plugins that simply did not function up to par, especially for larger sites.  Take advantage of the ease and simplicity WPEngine offers and focus on what really matters, running your business.

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