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New Site Launch:

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A UK start-up coined an, “Online Property Agent” is poised to change the way homeowners sell their houses reports Forbes.  Daniel Attia, managing director of Yopa, explains to The Drum that the goal behind Yopa is to duplicate the experience of selling your home through a Real Estate agent, but online, and at a significantly reduced cost over using a real life physical Real Estate Agent.   The service is 24/7 and operates through a call center which schedules home visits and provides support.  Attia explains to The Telegraph that he hopes Yopa is “as disruptive as Airbnb has been.”

The difference between Yopa and other online property listing sites, is that instead of charging a percentage of the property price –  anywhere from 1 percent to 2.5 percent – Yopa charges a flat fee for their services.  Attia further explains to The Telegraph, “This could be hugely beneficial to the people and save them a lot of money.  The average price of a house is around £272, 000, so two percent is £5,000.


What Yopa has to offer


Yopa offers three levels of service for potential customers to choose from.  Fees range from £425 (around $653) to £725 (around $1,100) for it’s premium service.  The service incluedes listing the property online, booking and managing visits as well as offering trained professionals to assist in getting the best sale price.  A free evaluation is also offered based on similar local property sales, but of course sellers are free to set and change their price at any time.

The online service also offers additional packages such as professional photos, floor plans, seller tools, and a personal property manager.

Yopa explains on its blog that more than 9 out of 10 people go straight onto the internet when searching for a home.  Focusing on leveraging the power of the internet, the start-up has enlisted digital performance agency Roast to improve it’s content and search engine optimization, according to The Drum.

“This is the last real archaic industry that really hasn’t been touched for many years.  It was just waiting for someone to come and really change and disrupt it, ”  Attia said to Forbes. “We don’t think anyones’ more equipped to sell their home than owners themselves.  They know the local schools and the attributes of a neighborhood.”